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Thread: Hello from Alberta, Canada

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    Hello from Alberta, Canada

    Hello fellow savage shooters. I am from near Calgary and shoot at the outdoor ranges here . I have watched the site for several years and gleaned a lot of excellent info here. I hope I can contribute some useful info too. I am only on my pc every once in a while so may not be able to answer threads right away. Or if threads become argumentative, I usually just don't answer as life is too short to argue on the internet. I have been into firearms for over 40 years now. I shoot mainly pistol and rifle. I have a shotgun and used to hunt waterfowl but shotguns aren't really my thing. I reload and enjoy bullet casting. My savage rifles are: Stevens model 200 (now with a shilen 260 rem barrel), savage model 11 308 win and a model 340 in 30-30 win. Shooting and working on guns in Canada is an entirely different game. Mainly because we can't purchase most of the items you do regularly in the USA. What we can get is also usually very expensive and poor selection/service. Importing some items is possible (thank you Brownells!) And cost effective at times. I've found finding barrels here, especially pre-fit barrels is almost a quest and usually big money if you can so that kinda limits my involvement. The last guy I found that would pre-fit a savage barrel wanted a $700 dollar bill! Sadly, most of the time it is cheaper to buy another rifle in the cartridge of your choice. The Chilean was ordered thru a fellow here some years ago and took 6 months I think, but shilen does make an excellent barrel. Anyway, hope to enjoy and contribute when I can my friends. Take care.

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    Welcome aboard

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    A good wife and a steady job has ruined many a great hunter.

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    Welcome to the forum.
    Ackley was right all along

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