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Thread: Hello from Eastern Ontario, Canada

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    Hello from Eastern Ontario, Canada

    Having recently purchased an Axis XP in .223, I went searching for an owner's forum and wound up here. I am new to the civilian firearms scene, having obtained my licences last August, and have already gone through several rifles, pistols and calibres leading to my current selection; a S&W MP9, a Norinco NP29, a S&W MP15 Sport II and the new Axis.

    I am a Veteran of the Canadian Army, served from 80-96 and fired pretty much everything from the 9mm Browning pistol up to the 155mm Howitzer. I had always promised myself that I would take up shooting as a hobby, but life got in the way and it wasn't until last year that I finally made that happen. I am a long time motorcycle enthusiast and drummer, although I rarely pick up the sticks these days. I need to get back in that groove soon.

    I'm looking foward to learning more about my Axis, but probably won't post much. At least not until I get a feel of the atmosphere on here first, anyway.

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    Welcome aboard

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    A good wife and a steady job has ruined many a great hunter.

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    Welcome to the forum.
    Ackley was right all along

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