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Thread: This conversation with the Dealership actually just happened!

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    This conversation with the Dealership actually just happened!

    Dealership: “My name is ********, the Owner of ***** Kia. I am sending you this email because we are in need of some KIA Sedona' s. Over the last few weeks our pre owned Sedona inventory has been completely depleted. Therefore, we are reaching out to our current customers before using auction resources to acquire these vehicles. We would rather pay you more than go to the auction and gamble on unknown vehicles. In addition, factory backed interest rates are at an all time low and factory backed incentives at an all time high!”

    Me: “It will cost you more than it cost me.....”

    Dealership: “Do you have some available time to explore some options?”

    Me: “Make me an offer I can't refuse. My wife loves the van and I'd have to be able to talk her into it.”

    Dealership: “We would really need to have eyes on the vehicle and have you pick out the replacement. Once that has been accomplished, we could make that offer. We could set an appointment with one of our specialist to minimize your time here at the dealership. As I stated in my original email, we would rather give you the money than at auction.”


    1. You have a need, not me…
    2. We're happy with the van…
    3. you want me to drive 2hrs round trip to meet with you…
    4. Vehicle has just barely made it to the first oil change... not even a year old
    5. I'd have to recoup what I've paid into it already
    6. You'd have to beat my current interest rate
    7. Your inventory is not my problem as we are not currently in the market for another vehicle

    So, you want me to find and spend my time driving to Wilmington because you want our vehicle back to make money off it a second time and don't have a deal good enough to interest me in coming down there?

    I think we'll keep the van...

    Dealership: My intention wasn't to offend you. I've reached out to a number of our customers to try and create a win, win situation. I am pleased that you are happy with your vehicle. We are very happy that you are part of the ******* Kia family and thank you for your business.

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    This conversation with the Dealership actually just happened!

    Those conversations happen daily, across the country. And if every one of them had the outcome that yours did, dealerships wouldn’t bother. But many of those owners end up going back for more (debt).

    You’ve got it figured out: they can turn your one sale into two more. From their point of view, it can’t hurt to try. After all, you’ve already bought one new car, so there’s no reason to think you wouldn’t be interested in another one.
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    On the last auto I bought They tried everything in the book to get me into every dealership I contacted.
    I finally went there after one of them decided to do business my way and sent me an invoice with an out the door price on a vehicle they had in stock.
    A quick inspection of the vehicle and test drive, and a little paperwork and being placed on their do not call list and I was on my way.
    The service department didn't get the do not call memo. They called saying I was overdue for service but then couldn't tell me what Service I was overdue for.
    I told them that all my maintenance was on schedule, and that I thought that they were engaging in shady business practices and might scare the elderly or weak of mind into service they didn't need.
    They haven't called back since.
    A good wife and a steady job has ruined many a great hunter.

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    That's similar to the call I got from "Microsoft" about my computer. In broken english he said that my computer had contacted them and needed some maintenance. I flat out told him that he was lying. He was pretty insistent until I said that I didn't have any computers that would ever contact Microsoft since they were all running Linux. He hung up at that point.

    Just last week I got a call from someone who promised my website the top ranking results on Google searches. I asked them which web site they were referring to (I own/maintain 4 domains). They didn't know and hung up after some hemming and hawing around.

    I usually just hang up on them, but sometimes it's fun to see what kind of answers they come up with.

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    I got a similar snail mail solicitation from a local ford dealer about wife's Cmax that they really needed. Filed it in circle file.

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