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Thread: some wood stocks

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    some wood stocks

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    I first put these in aftermarket stocks and gave some explanation but this may be the more appropriate area. Hope I am not taking up too much space with the duplication.
    Quickly the top photo is English walnut, the next down is American Black Walnut out of a fence row in NW Indiana, the third and bottom are Claro Walnut. All but the Ruger No. 1 are Richard Microfit Stocks, exhibition grade, no color added except the bottom has Herters French Red. The bottom two, Savage Muzzleloaders with .45 aftermarket barrels, decelerator pads and SSS (the excellent SharpShooterSupply) Fred Moreo triggers.
    My daughters use the interrupted fluted barrel ML. If one gets the Richards stocks they come rough and need a great deal of work, better do it yourself or it could get time consuming and pricey.

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    You have some nice wood there...but not in a pervy way or anything.

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    Love seeing guns with highly figured wood, especially if it's a Savage.
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