We've had a lot of guys offer to write and submit articles and reviews in the last week or two, and I thank all of you for stepping up and offering to do so.

For that purpose I have added a new section of boards at the very bottom of the forum where you may all create and work on your articles and reviews as you please. These boards are visible and accessible to all registered users except New Members (less than 15 posts). I set it up this way figuring it's best for you to spend a little time on the forum interacting with our members so they can get to know you a bit before you start submitting articles.

The three submission boards (Articles, Reviews and Savage FAQ's) are configured so that only the person who starts a thread (and admins) will be able to read it or reply to it. This ensures that you can start and work on your article as time allows without having to worry about a bunch of people commenting on or critiquing it before it's ready for prime-time. You can made edits and additions as needed by using the Edit Post function.

The Need Help? Ask Here board is where you can ask for help or guidance on how to do something pertaining to your review.

The Article Suggestions/Requests board is just what it sounds like, a place to leave a suggestion or request for a future article, review or Savage FAQ. This will help give those interested in submitting articles/reviews ideas on what they can write about.

Think that about covers it. Any questions just ask.