Mike of the range made a Savage M10 rifle stock into apistol stock for me. He sawed the back end off the stock, made a transitionpiece that accepts many AR15 grips, and put 2 threaded inserts into the backend of the stock to bolt the transition piece to. It.
The PVC gizmo is my own design, fit into the grip of both thisgun and my charger with a rasp.
Iíve had two Savage Strikers; the triggers defeated me andthe guns went to new homes.
The M10 Savage has the wonderful Accu-Trigger, barrelchanging is simple, used barrels are about $50. The barrel in the pictures is aSavage M11 22-250 barrel that I hacksawed to 16.5Ē, filed the muzzle sortaflat, and chamfered with an RCBS cricket.
And, it is 2 screws and 5 minutes away from being a rifle.

I can't seem to post pictures here; I'll send them if you want;