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Thread: Anybody have the new 110 in 280 Ackley?

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    Anybody have the new 110 in 280 Ackley?

    My second home built Savage years ago was a 280AI and I loved it. Saw the new Storm in 280 Ackley and got the itch to have another. Anybody have one yet? Thoughts?

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    Someone asked this a few months ago and when I inquired with Savage they stated that they hadn't shipped any rifles chambered in .280 AI yet, but that they should be soon.

    Thing you have to remember with Savage is that they don't build anything that they don't already have an order for. There is no Savage warehouse full of ready to ship firearms just waiting for someone to order them. Given there's not a lot of factory loaded ammo out there for .280AI I can see where distributors and big box stores would have been hesitant to put in early orders for rifles chambered for that round. Better bet to wait and see how many requests they get from their dealers or stores to see if it's something worth putting an order in for.
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    I'm starting to see the 110's and Axis models on Gunbroker. I'll be curious to see how the Axis model does, very inexpensive way to get into a great cartridge.

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