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View Poll Results: Rate your B-Series rifle experience based on build quality, reliability and overall satisfaction.

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Thread: B17, B22 and B22 Mag Customer Satisfaction Poll

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    B17, B22 and B22 Mag Customer Satisfaction Poll

    For those of you who have purchased/own a Savage B17, B22 or B22 Mag, on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the best) what's your overall grade for the rifle you purchased in terms of build quality, reliability and owner satisfaction in it's "as delivered" stock form. You can comment down below to say what specific model you purchased and explain the score you gave if you like. You can also mention what (if anything) you have changed on the rifle since purchasing it.

    This is more for my own curiosity than anything so don't be afraid to speak freely.
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    B22 XP ..Very happy with fit finish and accuracy right out of the box. Came with Weaver scope as part of the promotion.
    Only complaint would be magazine charging..the last 3 in are a pain...took magazine apart (wedge something in to keep red plastic part from spinning) and slowly release tension noting direction of travel..reassemble with only 1/2 turn to spring. Be sure to note the "first shell in" position when reassembling. One part of the red plastic has a "bump on it indicating "first shell in". After doing this I cycled thru and recharged several times and it seems to work ok. I cannot guarantee that it will work for someone else however. Patience is required!! Only try this if you have a spare magazine!!!

    I also did a cheapy cheek riser using 3/4 foam pipe insulation and 2 of the wife's black nylon foot stockings. Sounds weird but looks and works fine

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    B22fv, nothing done to it. Great little shooter. Mags are a pain to load until they break in a little, iv got 2 spares but never seem to use them. Usually get groups smaller then a dime @50 yards with blazer and federal bulk if I do my part.

    It it be nice if there was a little less flex in the forend as I shoot mainly off a bipod but again if I do my part it doesn’t seem to affect much.

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    Smile Savage B22 FV-SR

    I have the B 22 FV-SR with a Center Fire 3-9 x 40mm AO Scope. I do plan on upgrading the Scope to one with more power before Spring. I'd give it a rating of 4. Good shooter, still undecided about the magazine. Stock is an improvement over the stocks on the Mk ll. All in all a great gun at this price point.

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    Just picked up a B22F sporter 22lr. I’m done with the 10/22 ( they don’t seem to make em like they used to). Took it out to sight in today. Absolutely love it! The mag does take some getting used to, but it seems like if I load it with authority it’s just fine. Very good fit and finish. Wonderful to shoot. Good accuracy. My new 22 standard rifle.

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    This is my first Savage a B22G. I just purchased it three weeks ago and shot it the first time two days ago. I've been away from rimfire for many years but I'm back now with this new Savage. It is early but so far I am impressed with this gun. Quality is top notch in my opinion. This is a great looking gun with the hardwood stock and dark treated steel. It is a challenge to find a 22RF with a stock that fits an adult. This one does a good job of it. No problems so far and my only complaint is loading the mags and that is improving the more I do it. I would have rated it a 5 if the mags were more user friendly. Great job Savage .

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    Recently purchased the B22 magnum with wood stock. I have to say the quality of this rifle is outstanding. Cant say that I am thrilled with the accuracy so far but it is a lengthy process to find the right combination of ammo brand, bullet weight, clean or dirty barrel etc.. I have seen a few reviews on this gun that suggest that it is minute of angle @ 100. From what I am seeing from my gun it is more like 1 1/2" on a good day. I have been through about 7 different types of ammo so far. Best group so far has been 3/4" 5 shot group at 70 yds. with the federal ammo.It wants to shoot the hornady 30gr. V max but can't get past the fliers. It does seem to lean towards the faster velocity rounds. Shot about 50 rounds today and the CCI 40 gr. +v ammo did best with a 7 shot group @ 1 1/4" @ 70 yds.. Seems like the groups were starting to open upas the gun gets dirtier because the federal only managed 1 1/2" in 7 shots today. I did find a posible issue that could be affecting accuracy this evening. I checked the free float on the barrel and found that it wasn't floated all the way down to the barrel nut. started to have clearance issues about 2 inches before getting to the barrel nut. I addressed the problem and fully cleaned the barrel so I will start from scratch again! I am a big fan of glass bedding but a wood stock but I see no reason to go through the trouble with this particular gun at this point because the stock fit is excellent around the receiver and the tang is inset into the stock so everything is nice and tight and it is a low recoil gun anyways so I do not feel like anything is moving around. With that being said, The couple times that the accuracy has been at it's worst were very humid wet days which tells me that the humidity is having it's way with the wood stock. Would love to be able to do moa @ 100 but we will see.

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