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Thread: Banner Ad Changes

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    Banner Ad Changes

    Hey guys (and gals?),

    I'm sure by now you've noticed that as of this morning a lot of the banner ad placements that used to be here on the site have disappeared. Rather than bore you with the long drawn-out story spanning the last two years I'll just give you the Cliff Notes version...

    1. We're done with Google AdSense ads other than for passbacks
    2. We've cut back on the CMG placements
    3. We're done with the AvantLink Affiliate Program ads

    I've been slowly weening the site off Google AdSense for a little over a year now - basically since the Apocalypse where they deemed anything firearms related is "controversial content" and can't be monetized through them. The only ads we will be serving from them are in the remaining CMG placements specified below as passback ads when CMG can't fill the request.

    CMG was our biggest ad revenue source for the past several years, but last year the revenue from them really dropped off as their fill rates were way down. I cut back their placements in October and only kept four which are located as follows:

    Right column, main site = 160x600 at bottom of stack
    Right column, forum home = 300x600 at bottom of stack
    In Thread, first post = 300x250 (paid members don't see this one)
    In Thread, after first post = 728x90

    I knew AvantLink wasn't going to pan out, but I wanted to try using their ads as the passback option for the remaining CMG placements in place fo the GoogleAds. For those unaware of how affiliate programs work, basically the advertiser gets tons of free exposure as their ad displays thousands of times on the site, but we don't make a single penny from it unless someone clicks on the banner and places an order. In the three months we had them running we made a whopping $5.40 from nearly 1 million ad impressions.

    So now the only ads that will be running on the site will be those from companies who directly advertise with us as Site Sponsors and the four CMG placements.
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