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Thread: Savage AXIS II XP 223 scope recommendations

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    Savage AXIS II XP 223 scope recommendations

    SavageAXIS II XP 223 Hardwood scope & mounts recommendations it has the
    Weaver one on it now that it came with.

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    What are your requirements...

    1. Range/Use
    2. Budget
    3. How much your eyes suck

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    My Axis has a Vortex Diamondback that I got on sale before Christmas, but, that might be beyond your budget.

    Like above, it depends on what you use it for and how many features you want on it. I'd add a couple more like, do you hunt in low light, short or long ranges, deep forest or open country, etc. If you only shoot at a range do you intend to compete or just plink. Again, short or long ranges.

    The Bushnell that came with my Axis was perfectly fine for 100 or 200 yard range shooting. But, I like to shoot longer ranges so MOA style reticles and easy to adjust turrets are important to me.

    Scopes are a really personal thing. I'd suggest that you go to a shop and look through a few that are in your price range.

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    Range/Use bench
    $ 600 to 800

    How much your eyes suck they suck

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    A $800 budget for a bench shooter .223 is a LOT. I assume you are only talking 100 yards? Just put a fixed 12X SWFA on it, call it a day, and pocket $500 for good ammo. Or get various 24X zooms from Nikon/Vortex/Bushnell. You can even get a Leupold with that much money...

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