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Thread: Torque Tuning Action Screws

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    Torque Tuning Action Screws

    Went to the range today to try some of this torque tuning I've read about. Rifle is an old Savage 110 flat back with a Shilen prefit barrel.
    Loaded up some rounds (338-06) that shot well in 85° weather using Barnes 210 TTSX and IMR 4895. Today temp was 52° and recent experience suggested that I shouldn't expect too much when there is a 30°+ temperature change.

    I started with the front screw torqued at 65" # and the rear screw torqued at 15" #. I shot 3 rounds then increased the torque on the rear action screw by 5"#. Continuing in 5"# increments, it didn't take long to find the sweet spot, at 30"# on the rear screw the group shrank to 3/8" at 100 yards. All other torque values tested above and below 30"# produced poor results by comparison. I felt pretty good about the test but needed to verify the results.
    Resetting the torque of the rear screw to 30"# and moving the target to 200 yards, I fired three more rounds. They were not as good as I had expected but did produced a group of 1/2 MOA. I'm guessing I was getting a little tired and wasn't holding my point of aim very well.
    Long story short (or in summary if you prefer) it appears that torque tuning the action screws is well worth the effort. Can't believe I waited this long to try this, I must be a slow learner.

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    65"#! That's tight. I work up to 35"# front and back after getting close then moving from front to back repeatedly . Making sure to push hard on the muzzle initially to seat the action snug against the recoil lug..
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    If I recall correctly, Savage recommends 36. Please check with Savage tech support. Have your serial number handy. They will ask.

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    Should have stated that the action is pillar bedded. I started at 65”# on the front as that is where it has been for sometime now and didnt won’t to start completely over, (too lazy and a slow learner)

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    I've had really good luck torque tuning as well.
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    For anyone who's unfamiliar with torque tuning the Savage Action, here's the procedure :
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