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Thread: Props to bushnell customer service

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    Quote Originally Posted by J.Baker View Post
    I have been a big fan of Bushnell's top tier products since the early 2000's and continue to be. Bushnell kind of screwed things up a little when they went from the 3200/4200's to the 3500/4500's, but having recently received a new Prime 3-9x40 and Nitro 2.5-10x42 in for review I can say they've made some nice improvements. Wish they would have stuck to the Elite 3xxx/4xxx/6xxx series names, but I'm getting used to the new ones.
    I wish they kept the 3200s elites

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    When I bought my Axis 30-06 it came as a combo, and you guessed it, not an expensive scope. It was actually a Bushnell 4X32. I took the first shot with my new rifle to get the scope on paper so I could zero it and the cross hairs dropped to the left bottom of the reticle. Downloaded the return form and sent it to Bushnell. Two weeks later I had a brand new scope and I mounted it on my Grandsons Cricket rifle and he became a sharp shooter with it. I zeroed his rifle and simply told him to aim the center of the cross at the place he wanted to shoot. On his second outing with it he shot the stem off of a pumpkin with six shots at about 25 yards. He is definitely a natural, first time his dad saw him shoot it he couldn't believe how good he was. Won't hear a cross word from me about Bushnell customer service. One proud Grandpa!

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    Quote Originally Posted by godale View Post
    I wish they kept the 3200s elites
    Agreed. Have a 3-9x40 that has never let me down and wish I had 3-4 more of them. Optically the new Prime is on par or maybe just slightly better in clarity/contrast/sharpness, but it did have a little fuzz at the edges.
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