I just had a bolt lift kit installed in my Savage 110 by Ben Chappell, you may know him as user name Grimstod. As usual, the work was very nice and turn around time was outstanding - I mailed it to him Wednesday of last week, he received it on Friday, I got it back in the mail this Wednesday.

I was not surprised, I got the same service when I had him bush the firing pin. I was getting cratered primers before bushing the pin. Now the primers look normal.

If you need some work done, I highly suggest you contact Ben. His work is very nice and his service is exceptional. One of the main complaints I see about gunsmiths on the forums, here and others, is the slow turn around time and lack of communication. Ben gets work out and I have gotten emails when the work was complete. If you have been frustrated by other smiths in this matter, you will definitely enjoy working with Ben.