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Thread: Affordable Range Bag

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    Affordable Range Bag

    Didn't see any posts about range bags, so I thought I would do a short review on an affordable one I've purchased.

    It's the "Tactix 323141 Gate Mouth Tool Bag, 20-Inch, Black/Orange" and you can find it on Amazon for about $33.

    Yes, it's designed as a tool bag, so it isn't "tacticool". But that's OK, since it's large, well-built, well-designed, and inexpensive. Have you priced some of the dedicated range bags recently?

    Here's a shot of it in it's tool-carrying capacity (from the Amazon site):

    One of the cool/useful things about it is that it is a "gate mouth" style top...think of old-fashioned doctor's bags. It's easy to open, and it will stay open while you grab something from inside.

    It's got pockets all along the outside of the bag, and they are sized large enough for magazines, tools, eyepro, and other important items. Two of the outside pockets have cover flaps with velcro; I use these for my first-aid/blowout kits.

    It also has pockets all along the inside of the bag, again well sized for many different items. The center area inside is roomy enough for large items.

    It has both carry handles and a shoulder strap, and it large enough (20"x11.5"x12") to carry a LOT of stuff

    Here's a shot of mine when it's loaded for a range day:

    And here's a shot of the contents:

    Sorry that the items are hard to distinguish, but they are:
    iPhone (dedicated to Strelock, and other ballistic apps)
    Full toolkit (including all the necessary hex wrenches, needle nose pliers, screwdrivers, etc. for my rifles)
    Beanbag type Seat pad/front bag (those benches are hard!)
    Front "bag" (modified foam yoga block)
    Rear bag
    ammo for several calibers
    barrel cooler sox and water jug
    scotch tape, painter's tape, duct tape
    various mags and loading ramps
    knee pads
    ear pro, ear plugs, and ear pro belt carrier
    eye pro (2 types)
    mag loader
    range finder & extra batteries
    notepads, pens, markers
    chamber flags
    tape measure & ruler
    sun hat
    and I didn't take out the first-aid/blowout kits from the outside flapped pockets.

    It's a lot, but not tremendously heavy (well, depending on how much ammo I bring!), and I can sling the strap over one shoulder, and still carry a cased rifle with that hand, and have a free hand for opening doors.

    I still have a backpack that I use for carrying this stuff into the woods, but for range time, this bag is excellent. I'll be bringing it to the next benchrest contest.

    Two thumbs up!

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    Looks like a nice range bag. I have a bag I bought at Wally world Fieldline Pro Series, cost 20 bucks. Don't have any pics of it but it is set up for the range, with a large main pouch, a small side pocket on each end, a pouch with mesh pockets in the back and a small zippered front pocket. Like yours it fits all of our ear muffs, ammo, range and target stand tools along with ear plugs and small tools for scopes etc. Then a few weeks ago I was on the range and I found an old military tool bag. I knew what it was from the parking lot cause I used one on my vehicle in the Army. A nice score, so now we have two. If need be I also have three tool bags like the one you have.

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    Nice bag, and thanks for taking the time to write up a quick review.

    I've been using an old plastic toolbox for years now for my rifle range box. Has two small Plano cases built into the lid that are perfect for storing my cleaning jags/brushes for different calibers. Lift-out tray inside holds some basic tools (screwdrivers, allen wrenches, 3pc cleaning rod for knocking out stuck cases, PPE, etc) and it where I'll stow my smaller detachable magazines for hunting and rimfire rifles. Bottom is deep enough to hold my leather rear bag, staple gun, and several boxes of ammo.

    For pistol I have a cheap Glock range bag. Has a lift out center section that is open int he center for ammo boxes and a padded pistol pouch on either side. The outer bag has two larger pockets on either side for PPE and such.
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