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Thread: new to this sight, truckerwalt

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    new to this sight, truckerwalt

    I am 71 years old and have been shooting for over 60 of those years. i have a number of really accurate rifles and one of my favorites is a savage model 12 bvss in .204 ruger caliber. i bought this at cabela's in rogers, mn a number of years ago. it was used and came with a bipod , a nikon monarch 5.5 -16.5 ucc scope and a plastic carrying case. mostly i just go to the local gun range and experiment with different loads. not long ago i shot a 4 shot group at 100 yards that measured .094". i know no one in their right mind would believe such a wild claim but it is true--i could hardly believe it my self. the load was a 32 grain tipped nosler bullet in front of 25 gr. of h-322. i will probably never shoot a group that again. i recently purchased a savage mod. 110 tactical, the one with10 round magazine and the comb and butt plate accessories. it has an accustock and of course the accutrigger. the cal is 6.5 creedmoore. i have already voided the warranty on the gun by using hand loads ask me if i care. the trigger was quite good and with my scale showed about 20 oz. weight but i would like to get a "varmint" spring that is supposed to take the weight down into the neighborhood of 10 oz. all of my guns have really good triggers and at my age i can barely pull a 2 pound trigger so you can see why i need a lighter trigger. can someone let me where to find that varmint spring for my new mod. 110? i am looking forward to taking a trip to montana and see if i can shoot a few prairie dogs one of these days. i also have 3-.223's a 22-250, a shilen barreled .243 that is incredibly accurate, an ar-15 that shoots on a good day below .2" 100 yard groups. i also have a tikka t-3 light in .300wsm and acouple of 7 mm rem. mag. and .30-06 so i have a lot to keep me busy working on loads.

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    Congrats on the great group! I absolutely believe you, some days everything just comes together! I do hope you snapped a pic? I like a good trigger but I never go below 2.5 pounds for a critter control rifle. Especially if I may be using gloves! Great you are still out burning powder. I have a ball taking my 82, or is it 83-year old father in law to the range. He stopped deer hunting with me 2 years ago, didn't think he could handle it anymore. I said what's not to handle, I drive you to the blind, sit in it with you and keep the heater going. He used to average about 1 der per 12-20 rounds with an open sight rifle. I made him start using one of my rifles with a Nikon BDC scope on it and lots of practice. Go figure, in 8 years he had 24 deer with 24 shots! A few nice KS bucks too. Keep up the great shooting Walt!

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    Welcome from northeast georgia
    Ackley was right all along

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