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Thread: Model 12FV tang question.

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    Model 12FV tang question.

    Got an e-mail from Pac Nor today. My new 22 Creedmoor barrel shipped! In the mean time I got to looking at questions concerning the floating of the tang. So, regardless of the model the tang should not be touching? This is the stock I got So, I mounted the action and tightened the front 2 screws up. The 3rd screw is only on there with hardly any torque to speak off. In my mind I tightened it enough so it wouldn't go missing. At this point the tang is touching the stock. I tried to slip some paper between it and the stock, no go. So, do I need to get the Dremel to working or what? This is my first Savage.
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    No need for a Dremel - a deep well socket of appropriate size and some sand paper will get the job done in short order. Just lightly sand the tang area and keep checking with the action until it's floated a little. If you plan on glass bedding the stock just wait until you do that and put a layer or two of electrical tape on the bottom of the tang to ensure it's floated when you're done.
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