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Thread: MSR 10 Trigger

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    MSR 10 Trigger

    Took my MSR 10 Hunter to the range today for the first time. Sighted in scope and was very pleased with the rifle, but I am wondering how long does it take for the trigger to smooth out. Seems very gritty for a 2 stage nickle boron coating. Has anyone heard of aftermarket triggers yet?
    thanks for reading.

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    I believe the Hunter version only has a single-stage, USGI-style trigger with NiB coating.

    The MSR 10 Long Range specifically mentions including a 2-stage trigger.

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    I put mine in the trash.

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    I would think any standard "AR" style trigger should work, including the drop in ones.
    I have a velocity trigger in my DPMS G2, a timney two stage targa in a heavy barrel AR15, and a geissele two stage in a short barrel AR. I got the timney on clearance "blem" from midway (couldn't find any issues) for a really good deal, got the geissele on sale/clearance from DPMS for a good deal, and paid retail for the velocity.
    If I had to pay retail for the timney or geissele, I probably would have just got another velocity. It is really nice trigger for the price.

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    Waited 6 weeks for a LaRue MBT 2S. Gave it a test drive Sunday and much improved over the factory trigger and that was with some local reload ammo. I will start working on a handload using Sierra 168gr. HPBT.
    Thanks LaRue.

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