I don't think this material will be ready for primetime anytime soon..but it's interesting to think about the new materials being developed that could possibly be used in the firearms industry. This is an article about a new process applied to wood to make it much harder and more resistant to flex and swelling.

From the article:
The teamís compressed wood is three times as dense as the untreated substance, Hu says, adding that its resistance to being ripped apart is increased more than 10-fold. It also can become about 50 times more resistant to compression and almost 20 times as stiff. The densified wood is also substantially harder, more scratch-resistant and more impact-resistant. It can be molded into almost any shape. Perhaps most importantly, the densified wood is also moisture-resistant: In lab tests, compressed samples exposed to extreme humidity for more than five days swelled less than 10 percentóand in subsequent tests, Hu says, a simple coat of paint eliminated that swelling entirely.

My question would be how well does it absorb harmonic reverberations. You'd still want a bedding block of some sort (or glass bedding or whatever), but I'd imagine if it's wood that it would dampen harmonics much better than a metal / aluminum chassis. Tho wth do I know.

But I'd like to see the gentlemen at McMillan, Manners, Boyds keeping an eye on stuff like this, and I'm completely sure they are.

While I'm at it, found this article from two years ago...and I certainly haven't heard of this material in any real world applications lol. https://www.sciencealert.com/new-sup...-times-cheaper

anyway, just bored and posting, cheers guy