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    savage model 16

    Ok got a savage 16 24 inch stainless flutted barrel in .308 Accustock and trigger, looks like a weather warrior but none on the savage site had any flutted barrels? Any body have any info on this model?

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    Re: savage model 16

    They just started making the fluted sporter barrels(magnum contour I believe).

    I'm lookin into buying the same barreled action in a model 14 Classic stock. Savage calls it the Model 16 Classic.....

    Dont know what other info you want..It is basically the same as the regular model 16 in 308, just a little different barrel(still a 10 twist though)
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    Did you get it at Cabela's? I think it's a special for them. I bought one last week. Mine came with the fluted barrel and scope bases, which are not shown on the Savage website.

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    i bought one back about 1 1/2-2 years back from Cabelas, looked really nice and put an Nikon 4.5x16x40 buckmaster on it. took it to the range to site it in. biggest disappointment i had in years, couldn't get the thing to group worth beans.
    got it home and noticed the barrel was binding up against one side of the fore-end and removed the actiion from the stock. looked around didn't see what could be causing the problem and put it back together. then i noticed it wasn't binding up against the fore-end anymore. i guess the factory didn't take care to use caution or take pride in their work, don't know but it shoots good enough to make me happy!
    yes, mine does have the "wedge" and that was not the problem. i figure they just didn't fully seat the action into the stock when they tightened everything down.

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