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Thread: Savage double barrel shotgun?

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    georgia boy

    Savage double barrel shotgun?

    Found an old sxs that says Ranger, Pat. April 20 1915, proof tested. No serial number or any other ID on it. The man that has is says his father gave it to him 64 years ago and he has never shot it himself. I figure it is a gun made by someone, probably Savage or Stevens for one of the department stores along time ago. The stock is cracked but other than that it seems to be in pretty good condition. Can anyone give me any info on this gun and what it may be worth?

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    Re: Savage double barrel shotgun?

    The "Ranger" SxS guns I have seen were Stevens 315's (not 311's). Not saying that is definately what it is (there could be other Stevens models or they may have bought guns from other sources and put their name on them) - would have to see some pics.

    I would want to measure the chambers (some around this time were still 2 5/8" rather than 2 3/4") and be sure the lever is right of center when it is locked up (you aren't going to find parts unless you find a donor gun).

    Great shape with a cracked stock? $150 for a 12 gauge? $200 for a 16 or 20?

    You can get stocks at or from

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    georgia boy

    Re: Savage double barrel shotgun?

    Thanks for the info, if I get it I will post some pics for ID.

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