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Thread: J stevens arms and tool co. model 235 sxs

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    J stevens arms and tool co. model 235 sxs

    Hi all,
    I recently aquired an old Stevens model 235 SXS in 12 gauge in VERY good condition. It has steel barrels and 2.75 chambers. There is very little info on the internet about them so I am looking for someone on here that might know about them. I have fired it with Federal 3 dram 1 1/8 loads but then thought I might be pushing it. Definately not damascus or laminated barrels but we are talking about a gun made between 1911-1916. Is it safe with these modern loads?
    Any solid info appreciated.

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    Re: J stevens arms and tool co. model 235 sxs

    I have one and feel comfortable shooting low end factoru ammo. Would stay away from the heavy load, short magnum stuff. Rabbit and quail loads seem more appropriate.

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