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Thread: Savage 220A Info

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    Savage 220A Info

    Just picked up a Savage 220A in 12GA today at the gun show. I've done a little quick research and wanted to verify what I've come up with so far.

    1) There are no asterisks on the 26" barrel which seems to imply that it has a full choke.
    2) The date code on the receiver is 4E, which would mean a manufacture date of April 1953 if this follows other Savage/Stevens guns.

    Now for other markings I haven't found an explanation for....

    The receiver and barrel are both marked IUC. The receiver marking is on the top of the left rail near the breach face, and the barrel marking is on the underside in between the receiver lug and hand guard attachment point. The barrel is also marked with a circled P in this area. Finally, the barrel lug is marked on the left side with a circled SP, and there is a capital Sigma stamped just in front of the barrel lug.

    Any ideas on what these mean? I imagine that the IUC is some sort of inspector marking and the circled P is a proof stamp.

    Finally, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good place to look for replacement furniture for it. I looked on Numrich, and they list both the stock and forearm. I was just wondering if there was anywhere else I could check out.

    Thanks, Jeremy

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    Re: Savage 220A Info

    I have been looking as 2 model 220's and Numrich seems to have all there is - check Bob's Gun Parts
    ( but he seems to be sold out of many of his parts for the 220's.

    Interesting guns, though.


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    Re: Savage 220A Info

    early 24s used the same buttstock.

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