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Thread: Laminate replacement for AXIS - BOYDS

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    My wife is very very happy now with her new stocked Axis in .223. Now if they would only make a left hand version I could be just as happy too. :)

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    Was able to get on the range with the new classic stock. I'm amazed at the tight groups and the limited recoil. Worth every penny and I am grateful to Boyd's for giving a good entry rifle a greater amount of accuracy and admirable appearance!

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    Hi All,

    I purchased 2 Boyd's stocks one Prairie Hunter for a 30-06 and a Thumbhole for a .223. I'm looking to bed the .223. I've never actually bedded a rifle before, but I've researched it to nauseam and I feel like I can do a good job....... And if I screw up...... it's my gun!

    My questions or pleas:

    I can figure out bedding the barrel end but the action end is somewhat a mystery because of the trigger assembly it doesn't leave much area to use as bedding. Can someone post some pictures of the action end of a Boyd's stock bedding? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Can I just add bedding to the barrel end of the action and maintain accuracy?

    On the trigger assembly, there is a silver bracket on the front of the assembly, that the action screw goes through to the barrel. In the stock area, is the "silver bracket" supposed to be free floating or does it rest on the cut out in the stock? It has a small pivoting motion(with the trigger assembly) when assembled on the barrel. I'm assuming I can't bed around that bracket?

    Pictures are great.........I'm a visual learner!!

    Sorry for all the questions and thank you in advance,

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    I would like to know too how you guys bed a savage axis? The recoil lug is different and the rear action screw area is different. Pictures would be grate!!!

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    Here's how I bedded mine. I routered around the front action screw and around the front of the rear action screw. I used a bit of putty to keep the bedding compound from getting into the rear action screw or getting back to far and interfering with the trigger mechanism. I also used a bit of masking tape folded over to shim up the rear action .025". You can see a bit of the putty is still in the stock. Sorry that my bedding compound is black and it makes it herd to distinguish between it and the plastic that comes with the stock.

    Hope this helps. I'm not a pro so I'm not telling anyone how to do it. I'm merely sharing what I have done.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jalmeter29 View Post
    I would like to know too how you guys bed a savage axis? The recoil lug is different and the rear action screw area is different. Pictures would be grate!!!
    I'm not sure if the way I did it is the best or not. I suppose you could pull the recoil lug and them remove some of the wood behind it and then reinstall it and then bed it. That would seem kind of risky to me. Although the pics don't show it very well I also putting some bedding material along the side of the rear action to help stabilize it a little better. This was on a 223 so I didn't go crazy trying to put a lot of bedding compound in there. It was mostly to get the barrel straight in the barrel channel. Shot a coyote with it this AM but have not taken it to the range yet so I can't say the accuracy has improved, but I do like the stock and I am happy with the bedding job thus far.


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    have a look through here - - there are a lot of other sites as well - do a yahoo search on a fellow called Richards on bedding, another extremely good video


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    Thanks for sharing

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    The bedding kit I purchased had complete instructions included. Just follow them and you'll be fine. All you have to do is decide which portion of the stock to bed.

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    Ok did you get any pillars?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jalmeter29 View Post
    Ok did you get any pillars?
    No I didn't. I could not find a local source for pillars and was not wanting to put that much work into it. This is a hunting rifle that shoots about .75" If the accuracy improves at all I will be happy and if not that will be fine. If for some reason it get worse then I will install pillars in the off season. I have other hand loads that are more accurate, but the load I use for hunting is not the best for accuracy. I will continue to try different loads. This gun has proven to be very accurate as it was with the factory stock and cheap Simmons scope. I will now improve the glass on it and take it to the range before installing pillars.

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    Hello SS forum! This is my first post.

    I bought a Savage Axis stainless in .223 the other day after seeing that Boyd's was offering stocks for them. I was previously turned off to the Axis because of their flimsy tupperware stock and lack of an aftermarket one.

    But Boyd's has come to the rescue.

    I ordered a prairie hunter in pepper with stippling pattern #1 and I can't wait for it to get here. I think it's gonna look awesome on a stainless rifle. I placed my order on Nov. 15th, anyone have an idea of when I might see it? I realize the stippling makes it a "custom" so that may add to the lead time. I'm hoping to at least see it before Christmas.

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    My Prairie Hunter arrived in about 6 days, but it wasn't custom, and I happened to order at just the right time.

    Finally taking out on Sunday to see how she shoots!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elgin View Post
    My Prairie Hunter arrived in about 6 days, but it wasn't custom, and I happened to order at just the right time.

    Finally taking out on Sunday to see how she shoots!
    Mine was a pepper classic with no custom work and was ordered the day after the stocks came out, took almost a month to get it. It makes the gun so much better it was well worth the wait.

    Took a doe with it Monday morning.

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    Hi Gents!

    Just a heads-up to those who are thinking of pillar-bedding their Boyds stocks: I pillar-bedded my stock today and found that the pillar/insert that Boyds installed inside the front action screw is actually only letting the screw turn into the action by about 2-3 threads. The reason being that the collar that the screw head tightens up against is set back quite a bit. It is also considerably shorter than the pillar/insert from the factory stock. I pushed the pillar out of the factory stock, loosely inserted it in the Boyds stock for measurement and fit-up and found that I only had to remove about .020 inch off the top and thus had a ready to go front pillar for the Boyds stock.

    Safe shooting!

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