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Thread: Savage 11 Hog Hunter w/Model 12 HS Precision Stock?

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    Savage 11 Hog Hunter w/Model 12 HS Precision Stock?

    Will this work?... Both seem to have the 4.4" Short action spacing
    Here is an example of the stock HERE

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    Yes, it will work.

    However, as you know the stock pictured is for a single-shot 3-screw target action (PSV106). You'd probably want the PSV118, which is for a 4.41" model but uses Savage factory DBM (part number 106238, $68 from Savage) and assuming your rifle is a 308, a magazine (55105, $46 from Midway).

    You could also elect to use a CDI or Accurate-Mag DBM, as both reportedly work in an HS Precision inlet.

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    I have one in the stock that Boiler up describes. I have the older Wyatt/SSS magazine setup on it though.

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