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Thread: Witt muzzle brakes/Info/Pros & Cons?

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    Witt muzzle brakes/Info/Pros & Cons?

    Anyone tried or have any of these,on a rifle?

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    on 300 win mag about a 10% reduction in recoil. Not satisfied and Witt doesn't care.

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    how much will it be installed?
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    I've got a JP Tank style brake on a Stevens 200 300 win mag build I did, greatly reduced the recoil for me, (about like shooting a 243 win now) but the noise at the shooters position and the adjacent position is horrible. No one wants to be near me when I shoot it under cover at the range. I also have a brake on a 375 H&H mag Encore rifle barrel and it helps greatly also.
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    My JP Enterprise "Cooley" brake is awesome. It is a simple engineering principle, to reduce recoil the exhaust gases must be directed backwards. I could not shoot my 308 without this brake, as my shoulder could not handle the pain.

    Tried the Savage brake, the JP Cooley reduced recoil by a LOT more. Others at the range have shot my 10TR and they all say this brake is much better than what they were using. They were really interested in seeing their bullet flight.

    I would say my recoil is less than a 243, about the same as my 6.8 SPC AR15s.

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