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Thread: Model 11 Aftermarket Stock

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    Model 11 Aftermarket Stock

    Hey everyone. New to the forum. I recently bought a Lefty Savage 11 Trophy Hunter XP in .243 win. It has the detachable box magazine and bottom bolt release. I'm not a fan of the synthetic stock it came with and am wanting to get a an aftermarket tactical-ish/varmint stock. I'll probably be customizing the gun in other ways too (tact. bolt handle, new recoil lug, possibly varmint barrel, etc.). Anybody know where to get a stock for this without breaking the bank?

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    Used or Choate are the best bang for your buck.

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    Would this choate work with my gun despite the detachable mag? Im confused with whole center feed/stagger feed thing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thomae View Post
    Boyds Tacticool
    Those all appear to be for blind mags.

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    I found a Choate Tactical Savage Short Action Detachable Magazine stock for $270 that I think might work.

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    Hi from Boyds', I think this is the info you are looking for: We do have 3 designs to choose from: Classic, Featherweight Thumbhle or the Prairie Hunter. (Pricing is $92.00 - $114.00 based on material) Here are the stats:
    Boyds' stocks are designed for the Savage 11 Short Action Detachable Box Magazine rifles with top bolt release. The magazine release is located on the bottom of the floorplate. Not designed for old style side magazine release.

    Savage now builds the detachable box magazine actions using a bottom bolt release.

    Variations of trigger guards that have beed used for Savage Actions. Boyds uses a flat bottom metal design. Fitting for plastic and some metal models may be needed or contact Savage or Brownells for the flat bottom design.

    Just some things to consider for replacement stocks. I hope this has been helpful.
    Boyds Gunstock Industries, Inc.
    M-F 8am-4:30pm

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