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Thread: 110E info?

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    110E info?

    What is the difference between a 110E and a 110 or a model 10? Is this as easy of an action to build off of or is it different? Also would there be any issues with rebareling this to a 308 from a 30-06? Is there a single shot follower available for this action?


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    If that 110E is a 30-06 now, then it should just be a 110 Long Action with a Staggerfeed magazine (5.062" between screws). Only way to know for sure is to measure the distance between the action screws. Here is a link to the measurements.

    If that is what you have then here is the follower:

    Using the follower you should have a trouble free transition to 308 from a 30-06. Try the magazine also, I have had great luck getting the 308 to feed from a 30-06 magazine if you want a repeater.
    Oddball chamberings are way more fun! Especially if they are in 6mm or 44cal.


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