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Thread: Long Range Precision

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    Long Range Precision

    Hello fellow members,

    Well, I did it! After many years of waiting and saving, I finally decided to step into the long range arena. I purchased a Savage model 12 LRP in 260 REM. I can't wait to get this knew tool in my gun cabinet! I followed the advice of my best friend, long time long ranger shooter, very knowledgeable individual, a Remington M700 fanatic who told me this. If you are looking for the most accurate out of the box 1000 yard rifle, knowing I was on a budget, look no further than the LRP.

    If anyone wishes to comment on my choice, feel free to join the conversation. Also pet loads are welcomed. I kind of made up my mind on Lapua brass, CCI primers, H4350 powder and 142 SMK...


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    You did good grasshopper.

    El Lobo
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    Thank you El Lobo

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    The 260 was my caliber of choice as well.

    I have all my parts here, but am awaiting cerakoting before final assembly.

    Excellent choices on the components as well. What glass are you going to top it off with? I went with a Vortex PST 6-24x50 MIL/MIL FFP.

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    Hello Capreppy,

    Thanks for your feedback. As far as optics goes, being on a very tight budget I decided to mount a Bushnell Tactical 10x40 with Leupold (PRW/QRW)rings and bases. If money was not an issue, I would go with a US Optics fixed power. Figured I would learn the ropes of long range shooting first and save my pennies for a great scope when I become proficient.

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    Long range will become an addiction! I started years ago when the Sendero only cost $650 and traded a shotgun for a Nightforce BR. Slowly modified over the years with a Jewell trigger and when the barrel burned out, I replaced it with a Hart #6 contour, 26" 7mag, 9 twist. The Nightforce is a 8-32x56. Reload with the 162 A-max. On a dead calm day it will shoot 6-8 in groups at 1100 yds. It's death on a deer for sure. You will find yourself always tinkering on something to improve on the accuracy......thus the addiction. Have fun!!

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    I'm jealous. Where did you find one?

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    Hello CPURICK,

    Got mine through Ellwood Epps in Southern Ontario.

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    globalflyer, I have the same gun. Savage model 12 .260 LRP...Traded my 700 .260 for it a while back.Playing with the same components as well.Lapua brass,cci,Sierra 142`s along with some Nosler Partitions for hunting ...Good luck!

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    Be careful, next thing you know, itll look like this:

    Theyre great guns, Savage should have put the accurate mag set up in them, and used a Varmit contour.. that would have been perfect.

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    I got my LRP 260 last October. I have standardized on Lapua brass, CCI BR-2 primers, and H4350 powder. I have recently standardized on SMK 142 simply because I couldn't find any of the other high BC 6.5 bullets. I had bought and tested 100 packs of Barnes Matchburner 140s, A-MAX 140s, VLD 140s, and SMK 140s and 142s. I think the A-MAX 140s and VLD 140s performed best, but when push came to shove, all I could find in bulk were SMK142s. My standard load with the SMK142s is 42.8gr H4350 at 2.840" COL. I just shot my 1100th round with the rifle today.

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