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Thread: Stevens 320 pistol grip - How to attach sling?

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    Stevens 320 pistol grip - How to attach sling?

    I have the defensive version of this with the pistol gip.

    The mag cap has a swivel; the butt stock has a slot in it.

    What the heck do I do with the slot? How do I attach a sling with this slot?

    Makes me think M1 Carbine, but I doubt that's what they had in mind (and no oiler included!)


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    Need a nylon sling that can be configured a number of different ways - most importantly, one that can be unthreaded from the buckled so you can thread it though said loop. Magpul and many other tactical one and two point slings can be configured for the slot-type attachment.

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    What you are saying sounds appropriate for butt stock with double vertical slots - feed in through one, back around through the other slot, and into the buckle?

    That won't work. The Security model has a single vertical slot in the stock for rear attachment - which is why I'm not sure how to attach.

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