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Thread: Commercial Aftermarket Stocks are available for Axis Rifles

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    Commercial Aftermarket Stocks are available for Axis Rifles

    Sharp Shooter Supply sells the Axis Pro Hunter Stock. Here's their description as supplied by forum member LoneWolf:
    These new laminated stocks are a universal design that lends itself to be versatile to hunting or just punching paper. The 2-1/4 wide low profile beavertail forearm provides a stable platform when shooting from a rest as well as filing your hand while hunting and offhand shots. The pistol grip is more vertical than the factory version for more comfort and the toe angle is less for more stability off of sand bags.

    The barrel channel and action inlet are precision inlet on CNC equipment to insure 100% drop in fit. The magazine inlet is equipped with the proper hardware to insure the magazine is positioned properly. The stock is inletted to accept a factory model 10/12 trigger guards and uses the existing factory action screws.
    All stocks come finish sanded and are ready for a final finish and supplied with a trigger guard. Available in RH, LH, and short or long magazine.

    Colors available at this time: black, black/brown, forest camo, royal jacaranda and red/black.
    Price: $225.00

    Boyd's Gunstocks has now begun their production of Axis stocks as well:
    Boyds' is offering their stocks for the Axis (both Long and Short Actions) in the following styles:
    Prairie Hunter
    Featherweight Thumbhole

    The Available Colors are:
    Forest Camo

    Price is $99.00 and a
    matte black metal trigger guard, screw, and recoil lug are included with the stock.
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