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Thread: PPU .308 Winchester Match?

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    PPU .308 Winchester Match?

    Has anyone tried the PPU .308win 168 gr hp? I picked up 4 boxes for a decent price. I have only shot 20 rounds of the Remington core-lokt 180gr through my Savage and haven't fired this PPU stuff yet, but I have cycled a few rounds and it definitely is a tighter fit, I'm not sure how concerned I should be but I wanted to know your experiences with this stuff. from what I read online, people say it flys alright

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    I'm not sure about the PPU 308 stuff--if it's anything like their 5.56 it's may be made to NATO specs and may use a different type of primer/powders etc than what is typically found in domestic factory 308. That said, I've bought and fired about a thousand rounds of their 5.56 "battle pack" ammo and have found it to be a great bargain--never had a misfire through my AR, accuracy among the best for budget ammo (better than most factory remie and federal 55 fmj I've fired), and very good quality brass. I'd shoot their 308 without hesitation through any of my 308 rifles--but YRMV.

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    I may just have to load up some and take them out for a trial run. I have 80 rds of the stuff, so I hope it goes smoothly and puts my concerns to rest. At least it is brass cased and not that steel stuff. The biggest thing is I don't want to harm my Savage lol I've only had her a short while, but she is easily my favorite :]

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    Its not as accurate as the Hornady or Federal match ammo, but its half the price. The PPU bullets are not equivalent quality, I can't speak for powder and primers. I believe the brass is better than milsurp stuff.

    I just spent the last few evenings depriming, body sizing and tumbling what was supposed to be Fiochi brass and last night weighing it. I found about 30 rounds out of 500 that were 5 grains light (same head stamp) as well as about 50 which turned out to be either PMC or S&B and about 7 grains heavier. So I basically have 3 groupings of brass now that I need to neck size and prime.

    With PPU ammo, I figure you get to shoot something that is probably 1.5-2.5MOA capable at just over the cost of brass from most other suppliers (of course that has been out of stock now for about 2.5 months). The brass is also fireformed to your chamber, so when you go to reload it with quality bullets and primers you will get considerably improved accuracy.

    Having said all that, my only 308 rifle, a TC Icon, is currently the worst shooting rifle I own and has a pencil sporter barrel that I am looking for someone willing to make a replacement for. I think with a decent varmint style barrel, it will probably shoot any ammo better than it currently does. TC (or should I say S&W) has outed itself as a truly awful company who has flat out refused to replace the barrel on my Icon, EVEN IF I PAY FOR IT.

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    Alright, well I took the PPU out and threw 10 rounds down range. Put all my concerns to rest, man what a difference between the 180 grain and 168 grain! Took the recoil right out of the shot! I haven't put my 110 on paper yet, so I'm not sure exactly how it affected my accuracy. But it seemed to fly alright. Soon I will be benching the rifle and sitting a good 100 yards out and shot for shot adjusting, I will probably be using the Remington Cor-lokt as it's the cheapest stuff I have right now. Ol girl just picked up 3 boxes of Hornady 168gr match and 3 boxes of Federal Premium 168gr match. I'm not positive how much I will need to adjust for the 168gr after I get her sighted in proper on the 180gr, but I'm sure it will just take a little extra fiddling the first couple shots. Bear with me as this is my first rifle that I've actually cared about scope accuracy. My Mini-14 and 10/22 I used the ghost ring sights on, as long as it hits what I'm pointing at then I'm good with that haha

    I have a Lee Loader for the .308 that I haven't used either, for $30 you can't go wrong I figure. Not sure how well I'll trust my first shot from it, but people say good things. I still have to figure out what I exactly I need for that as well.

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