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Thread: 5.56 NATO in Axis 223 ???????????

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    5.56 NATO in Axis 223 ???????????

    I'm thinking of getting a Savage Axis in 223 caliber. Bud's internet gun shop lists them as 223 Remington/5.56 NATO. Can 5.56 NATO be used exclusively in a 223 caliber Axis? I've emailed Buds on this weeks ago but haven't received a reply.

    Thanks guys,

    Don <><

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    buds may advertise it, but Savage, Remington or any of the other bolt gun builders will not

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    Does Savage advertise it as .223/5.56 on their website? No. So there's your answer.
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    I sent Buds the same question back in February of last year and voiced that Savage site listed it as .223 not .223/5.56 and thought they might want to check on that to keep maybe someone from getting hurt or damaging the rifle, and this is part of the response I FINALLY got back from them:

    In reference to 223/556, there are as many opinions as shooters. I would follow the manufacturers recommendation for that specific product.
    That's why I have not bought anything from them since!

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    If the barrel says 223 then that is the bottom line

    I purchased a very nice Savage Model 25 thinking 223 & 5.56 NATO were interchangeable. When I attempted to shoot Federal 5.56 NATO rounds every other round was a failure to fire and those that did were hard to extract. There were a few other minor issues r/t bases/plastic but I was most livid in my ignorance about the difference between 223 & 5.56 NATO. This experience turned out to make me a "Savage First" rifle buyer. SAVAGE has the absolute best customer service and I have purchased X3 more that shoot flawlessly since buying the Model 25. It is not value, it is the quality & accu-trigger that makes the Savage my first choice. My last being an orange Camo rifle chambered in 9.3X62! Anytime the discussion of 223, 5.56 & Savage come up I have got to mention their excellent customer service and dedication to producing quality rifles. I don't own stock or work for them :-)

    If the barrel on the Savage Rifle says 223, then just 223.
    I spoke to a VP in Customer Service and that is the bottom line.

    BTW, the 223 holds its own.
    The 25 from above, which I gave to my Niece because the storm is coming, really likes the 223 Fiocchi with 40gr V-Max tips.
    Talk about a flat shooting round that drives tacks out of that rifle.
    The factory reports a muzzle velocity of 3650 fps
    The 223 Fiocchi also shoots just fine out of my Mini-14 and the AR I just sold.

    My advice: Buy a Savage 223 with the accu-trigger and load up on Fiocchi when they are back in stock.

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    Please do a search on this subject, it has been covered many many times. Some get very hot some don't, but it is here just look for it.

    Please don't let this go on and on and on.
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