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Thread: difference between Trophy hunter XP and Trophy Hunter XP youth?

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    difference between Trophy hunter XP and Trophy Hunter XP youth?

    Can someone tell me the difference between the 2? I assume the LOP is shorter on the youth but I can't find it on the Savage website. I'm wondering if the screw spacing would be the same between the 2 also. I'm having trouble finding what I want but if I could swap a youth stock out for a aftermarket adult size it might be doable.

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    Everything is the same except for the shorter length of pull of the youth stock. If bought new I think Savage gives you a certificate of a regular stock at discount.

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    Do you know what the LOP is on the youth model? I couldn't find it on Savage's site. I'm thinking for late season yote hunting where we are really bundled up, the shorter stock might not be a bad thing.

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    Think it's an inch shorter, maybe an 1.5 inches at most. Not sure since I haven't checked since they switched from the brick to the jello recoil pads.
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