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Thread: Savage striker

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    Savage striker

    So I am new to this forum. This is my first savage, and I am really into pistol bench rest shooting.

    I just acquired a savage model 510 in 243win. Now can someone please tell me the steps needed to turn this pistol into a long distance bench rest pistol. I tried to adjust the trigger to a very light pull but every time it got to 1 pound it would start to slam fire, any suggestions to fix this would be appreciated. Also, I would like to keep all the mods to a "do it yourself" vs sending it lot a gunsmith. Now also let me know if getting it rechamber to 243 A.I. Is worth it.

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    Stock. Barrel and trigger. Convert to a rear grip for starters. Then a rifle trigger will be used.this is a 6brx

    And this is a 7wsm

    I only have one mid grip and that is a 50 ML right now.
    My last one is in the works. I have a stock on order and a buddy has the barrel. Scope came in this week. Need a teigger yet and ill be. Your good. This will be a dedicated bench run built to track in a set of bags. Its a 223 and will wear a 36x sightron your also going to need a brake

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    So what you are saying is to switch out the barrel, trigger and the stock? Is this barrel not accurate enough? What do I gain from a rear grip vs a center grip? Also what trigger would you recommend? And lastly, where can I find all these things? Lol, sorry for all the questions, I just want to get my first build perfect.

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    Your barrel is ok, fat barrels take longer to heat at the bench! After market may help if your serious about the competition and have extra money. Rifle barrels are the same thread and can be cut down in length. 17" is common for those changing out barrels. AI may not gain you anything in a short barrel other then better brass life and a quick way to sort brass if you have another .243. It will cost you more powder to get your speed back! For match shooting speed is not king!

    You have to go rear grip and get rid of the linkage to get a great trigger. Sharp Shooter Supply or Rifle Basix.
    Depending which generation striker you have the center grip might be improved by a modified basix trigger and new tighter pivot pins.

    Muzzle brakes are a must if you want to go the high power rifle scope option! 3x12 Burris is the largest pistol scope you will find.
    .223 Rem AI, .22-250 AI, .220 Swift AI .243 Win AI, .6mm Rem AI, .257 Rob AI, .25-06 AI, 6.5x300wsm .30-06 AI, .270 STW, 7mm STW, .416 Taylor

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    serious hand gun guys are here...
    .223 Rem AI, .22-250 AI, .220 Swift AI .243 Win AI, .6mm Rem AI, .257 Rob AI, .25-06 AI, 6.5x300wsm .30-06 AI, .270 STW, 7mm STW, .416 Taylor

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    I've had a Striker 510 in .308 win for several years. I've swapped barrels and shot it with Savage 22" sporter barrels in .223, 22-250, .243, .308 and 25-06 and Striker 22-250 barrel..
    Also have adjusted the trigger many times, cleaned everything, oiled everything-never stoned or filed any part. Filed a little bit of stock away where the trigger was rubbing.
    Now the trigger seems to have settled in, no adjustment needed for ~6 months, ~500 cast bullet rounds. It seems that the trigger parts need to break in.
    All parts stock, I've thought about rear grip, but stock and trigger parts would cost as much as the gun.
    Good luck;
    joe b.

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    Benchrest, just take your barrel off and replace with a 6BR, or 7, or 30.

    Order a barrel from McGowen. 17" full bull, chambered , cut and crowned for under $200.

    Mount with headspace gage, ad scope and your all set.

    Trigger can be adjusted.

    You can get an aftermarket center stock.

    Or go all the way to rear grip.


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    I bought this unit in 22-250 with the intention of changeing out the barrel(good thing too as the 22-250 barrel is a MUT)
    I cut off two rifle barrels, one a 243 sporter and a custom bull 30-06. The 243 is a great barrel that shoots everything well but the 30-06 was chosen because it hits harder past 500 yards
    I had to mess with the trigger to get it lighter and if it needed to be any better I would have to go to a rear grip as it likes to slam fire any lighter than it is now.
    Cant help you much with the bench rest thing other than a heavier barrel may or may not shoot better but its not going to bounce like a sporter barrel!
    I dont shoot the Stiker very often anymore but that might change if it where to have brakes put on so I dont have to worry about it attacking me. The heavy 30-06 is safe to shoot if you keep your arm straight but let your elbo bend and/or get too close to the scope and its going to knock your dumb a$$ out BTDT.

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    I made mine into a switch barrel gun. First I threw away the striker trigger assembly and the magazine. Installed a Rifle Basix trigger and built my own stock to make it a rear trigger. Installed a filler block for the magiazine hole. Instead of just buying a small size bolt head I bought a complete new bolt from Savage, but am having some problems with the ejector at the moment. But have chambered barrels for .221 Fireball, 6 BR, .223 Rem., and have the origional .243 Win., also have a barrel for .22 BR

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