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Thread: Hog Hunter - .223

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    Hog Hunter - .223

    I bought a .223 Hog Hunter 2 weeks ago. I wanted something that was inexpensive and would shoot 1 MOA. The first time I shot it I used Federal factory 55 gr hp loads. I was surprised that it shot just over 1 MOA with that ammo. I had some reloads that I made up for my AR15 and tried them in the HH. All I can say is, this is one great little shooter. It's a homely little mutt and feels a little clunky compared to my Remington 700s, but I guess beauty is only skin deep.

    This thing shoots consistantly at 1/2 MOA or better with the right reloads:

    LC 09 Brass
    CCI 400 Primers
    Hornady Vmax 55 gr Bullets
    IMR 8028 XBR Powder

    I shot 2 three shot groups with 2 different powder weights.

    24.0 gr - .500" and .465"
    24.5 gr - .425" and .500"

    Would I like to have a prettier stock? Yup, but I think I'm going to leave it just like it is.
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