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Thread: Savage 111 and 11 Hog hunter barrel finish...........?

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    Savage 111 and 11 Hog hunter barrel finish...........?

    First let me say Hello, new guy here. I'm a senior looking to add a nice .308 to my collection. I've settled on the 111 or 11, can someone please tell me what the finish on the barrel and receiver are. Is the finish blued, parkerized or painted type like the Remington 870 Express. The Savage web site just says Matte Black? Please Help!

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    I just bought a model 11 .308 Hog Hunter Tuesday. In my research all I could find it described as is a matte blue. I don't think it's parkerized because the finish isn't rough. It doesn't feel like any blueing I've ever felt. Feels like the finish on my 590. I wanted a general purpose .308 and found that this model had a lot features for the Money. Little over $400 out the door. Only disappointment is the stock.

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    I do know that Matte Black is not blued. It is a less expensive and quicker way to finish a barre. Whatever it is, it is sprayed on.

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    I second that...sprayed on that is. I also have the Hog Hunter and it's definitely not parkerized, not blued....feels like A slightly rough Krylon, not cheap feeling though. I bought a Duracoat kit for another firearm I am refinishing. Prolly will spray the Hog before I attach to the new stock.

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    30 looks like many of us had the same ideas, none of which included "hog hunting".

    I just looked at the finish on mine. Of course it is not the highly polished, royal blue of a colt python. Instead it is a nicely finished, uniform satin black. I think it looks great. No complaints about the finish from me. Some matte rings, bases, and scope will all work fine together.

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    The finish on those rifles are the same as the 10 FP's and Axis rifles, it's actually shot peened and black parkerized.
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    Dropping my Hoghunter in an Accustock, and will be using the Accurate Mag bottom metal.

    Seems to be a really tough finish, I'll probably a layer of epoxy paint over it just because I can.

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