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Thread: "Stevens" Savage 22 410 Takedown

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    Question "Stevens" Savage 22 410 Takedown

    Greetings to all, New to this board here.

    I have a very Early Model "Stevens" Savage 22 - 410, which later became the model 24. I have a question regarding the firing pins, if anybody else has this model. Here is my question, my firing pin on the 22 is under tension, In other words, It has a spring. My 410 firing pin, seams to have no tension to it at all. I have tried firing it, and getting very light pin strikes on the 410.

    Can anybody confirm if there should be a spring in front of the 410 firing pin also? On the schematics, it only shows one.

    PS: Sorry, if there is another thread, searched, but did not come up with the model 24. Also, when I search the gun part catalog, only come up with spring for Rifle. (22)
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    I just checked my Stevens 22-410, and it appears that neither firing pin has a spring. I can push them both back and forth and cannot detect any spring tension. If the 22 pin has a spring it must be worn out or missing, but the gun works fine. You probably need a new firing pin, or your hammer spring is bad. Good luck and let me know what you find. Luckus


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