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Thread: 221 fireball

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    221 fireball

    I just got my new stevens 200 in the mail and would like to find a barrel in 221fireball.there are alot of choices out thier and I need a little help with a brand and where to buy from. Mainly I punch paper and pdogs, so sub moa is a must and the smaller the group the better. Is a prefit already chambered?

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    A "pre-fit SAVAGE" barrel should be ready to go, yes.
    I would recommend to use a sponsor's barrels first, like Fred. Never knew any sponsors barrels to be of a suspect quality.

    That said, I have also had very fine results with E.R. Shaw barrels.
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    who's fred and how do I get in touch with him

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    Fred at Sharp Shooter Supply. Also call Devin at Sinarms, and Jim at Northland Shooter Supply. All great Guys. I have bought barrels from Jim, Devin has worked over a few of my barrels and did great work and Fred's work is top notch.
    Oddball chamberings are way more fun! Especially if they are in 6mm or 44cal.

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    So has the ejection problem been sorted with the Fireball case?

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    from what i read on here they will extract from the barrel but not eject from the action, and thats fine with me because it will be a single shot when i'm done with it and it will help me keep up with the brass. if thats not the problem you are talking about then please explain it to me.

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    Ejection problems will probably still be there with the shorter case on the .221 Fireball.
    Lots of folks have tried but no real fix so far that I know of.
    Pull the ejector spring and rod and single feed. The case stays on the bolt head till you pick it off. At least you don't have to chase brass.

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    I like my dog guns to be single shot it also helps keep track of hits and misses

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    5 shot group that you can cover with a dime? What's not to love about the .221 Fireball?
    Tried "numerous" times to get the Fireball to eject (shorter springs, different length rods, etc) but finally gave up and went single shot. Never looked back!
    Next step is a 20 VT.

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    what barrel did you go with, and what twist and bullet gr do you shoot
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    Savage 110 V in .223 set back to .221 Fireball.
    After that, Pac Nor 3 groove, Super Match, 26" straight pipe in Stainless Steel, 1/12 twist.

    After that, an A&B 26". All have worked like a dream.
    The XP 100 is what started it all. (That's what hooked me in the first place) It's now a .221 Fireball bench rifle with a 26" Shilen.
    Shilen, Pac Nor, Douglas, Benchmark, E.R. Shaw, etc., take your pick. They all shoot like a dream. (never seen a bad one)
    I would suggest going with a custom "short throat" (freebore) chamber so you can jam your bullets.
    As the throat wears, you can go to heavier bullets and still reach the lands.
    Started out with 40s and am up to 50s now. Still at least 3/4 bullet in the neck, seated at a jam. Just about any powder makes it shoot great.
    That's whats worked best for me. YMMV, Mike.
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    Whats better than a 221 FB ?? As mentioned the 20 Vartarg is far superior than the FB.....
    S/shot Savage & heavy Pac Nor's rock !!

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    Ready made brass for the .221 Fireball. And, a bullet selection that won't quit.
    20 VT? You have to form your own brass and be prepared to turn case necks if needed. Couple of guys are selling ready made 20 VT brass from .223 if you don't want to make youir own.
    Some of my " fired" necked down .221 Fireball case necks are a little too big so I'am having to pick and choose what rounds will chamber. Solution? Got a .234 neck 20 VT reamer on the way! That way I can shoot anything. "New" necked down .221 brass comes out pretty consistant and chambers good.
    Got all the proper tools but I just can't convince myself that neck turning in something I really like doing. I'd rather be pulling the trigger than messing with neck turning!

    If you're into a little work, pick up a .204 Ruger (Savage) barrel, cut the back end of the chamber off enough to chamber a formed 20 VT case, add a few more threads up front so you can set the headspace and you're ready to go. Same shoulder angle. Done two so far with real good results.
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    I bought some new LC 223 brass reformed to 20 VT..a guy in Kalifornia sells it.....good stuff....

    I did some of my own 223 down to VT a few yrs ago....very labor intensive.....or I'm just lazy....

    Rem FB brass never was much good for my use.......
    S/shot Savage & heavy Pac Nor's rock !!

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