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Thread: Savage Model 4C help...

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    Savage Model 4C help...


    Im new to the forum and was looking for help.

    I just picked up a Savage 4C with a peep sight and was hoping to find an owners manual/take down guide for the firearm.

    Would anyone know what type of peep sight was installed and where I might find any literature for that also.

    Thanks in advance.

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    The Savage Model 4 and it's variants were made made from 1933 to 1965. I can find no reference to a "4C", but the following information applies to the Model 4S...

    "The Model 4S is the same as the Model 4 rifle except for the sighting equipment. The open rear sight on the barrel is omitted and the barrel slot filled with a dovetail blank base. Front sight is a hooded peep of Savage design with three interchangeable inserts - flat top post, bead, and peep. This is neatly mounted on a ramp base dovetailed into the barrel. The detachable hood must be used with this sight as the hood holds the inserts in place. The rear sight is a receiver peep of Savage design using a large eye disc with a special plate on the face of the disc having three sizes of apertures which may be moved to expose the desired size instantly."

    Source: The Rifle in America by Philip B. Sharpe
    As for finding any factory literature or an owners manual for a Savage this old - good luck! Unless you stumble across something at a gunshow you probably won't ever find anything. Finding any information/literature for Savage's made before 1960 is extremely difficult as the company changed hands a number of times between 1900 and 1960. Model 99 centerfire's and Model 23 rimfires's are about the only exceptions (by a small margin) due to having a small cult-like following of collectors, and info for them is still very limited.
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    Thanks Jim for the quick response. I won this Savage via an auction yesterday. The barrel reads "4C" but all of the original paperwork indicates it is a "4S". It still has the inserts as you've described with the rear peep sight.

    Again, thank you for your help.

    All the best.


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