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Thread: Savage M. 12 VLP DBM .223 1/9 vs. 1/7 Twist

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    Savage M. 12 VLP DBM .223 1/9 vs. 1/7 Twist

    I'm pistol shooter getting into rifles. After a lot of thought, looking, and research, I decided to get a .223 Savage M. 12 VLP DBM with a 1/9 twist. I ordered one throught my local gun store. Turns out, all their suppliers are out of that exact rifle so it's still on order with really no idea when it will come in. However, the LGS has the same model in stock but in a 1/7 twist.

    I chose this model and caliber as my "introductory" centerfire rifle in large part because of the availablity and relative affordability of the ammo. Although I would be interested in some varmint hunting if the opportunity offered, I am going to be doing my shooting at an outdoor range with a 100 yd and a 200 - 300 yd ranges. I like target shooting with my pistols and am looking forward to target shooting with my new rifle. I am pretty sure almost all of my shooting will be with the "standard" .223 55 grain rounds. I might want to shoot something a bit heavier, but wouldn't want to go into the extremely heavier 80+ grain rounds. I'd probably not go much heavier than the 60s. I wouldn't want to shoot anything lighter than the 55 grain round. I am not interested in hand loading.

    Here's my question: Should I go ahead and buy the 1/7 my local store has in stock, or go with my original plan and wait for my 1/9 order to be filled?

    My concern is that the 1/7 twist will be too fast for the 55 grain .223 ammo I will most likely be doing almost all of my shooting with and will cause instability. If the 1/9 twist will be the most accurate for the "conventional" round I will mostly be shooting, I am okay with waiting. But if the 1/7 would be just as accurate with that round, why shouldn't I just buy the 1/7 twist otherwise identical model in stock at my store?

    Your thoughts, advice, and recommendation?
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    I think you might grow into longer bullets once you find that you enjoy that. You can also buy factory ammo with longer bullets. There was a compairison on some website that compared the two and no noticeable difference in accuracy with shorter-lighter bullets. This is from my experience. I bought a tikka T3 lite with an 8" twist. It shoots most bullets well but I've found that I reall enjoy the 75 grainers and 64 grainers. So to some degree it also depends on how long the wait is. The 1 in 9 twist will shoot 75 grain Amax bullets but not the Sierra 77 or 80 grain bullets.

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    I would go with the 1-9 and shoot 68 or 69 gn bullets that's what savage says to shoot out of there1-9 barrels. That's what mine shoots the best
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    The 55 grn bullets will shoot just fine in a 1 in 7 twist. The current M-4 carbine and a lot of the higher end civilian clones use 1 in 7 twist, and lots of 55grn bullets are fired through those rifles. The problem with the 1 in 7 will be with lightly constructed bullets under 55 grains, they will spin apart. I think some of the better bullets in the 40 to 53 might even work in that twist, like the Nosler Ballistic Tip or the Sierra Blitz King. One thing to remember is that most bulk 55grn FMJ ammo is not very accurate, so if your wanting top accuracy you will have to buy better ammo or start reloading. One exception to this is the Black Hills Re-manufactured ammo or the Hornady Steel Match, both are pretty good at a decent price.

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