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Thread: Savage Model 1899 .250-3000 S/N 235xxx questions

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    Savage Model 1899 .250-3000 S/N 235xxx questions


    I just had a couple of questions about this rifle. My Grandfather gave it to me about ten years ago and quite frankly I forgot it was even in my parents safe until I visited last weekend. From my research its a model 1899 250-3000 takedown and looking up the serial number says its from 1921. Other than that I know nothing of its history, as I am not close to the grandfather that gave it to me at all.

    I was just wondering if the peep sight on the back was a factory part and if there was any good way, without hurting the little finish that it has left to clean up some of the rust that has developed over the years, I'm pretty sure it saw a lot of deep Alaska winters without much care.


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    Well that's a fine specimen of a model 250-3000, (..except for that epoxy patch behind the tang, oof). I think those Redfield sights came along later (40's maybe), but with a Merit adjustable aperture it will be a terrific sight, whether hunting or target shooting. Your rear barrel sight looks to be non-original, but it's hard to tell. They normally had a long base with a blade elevator. You could take off your rust spots with some gun oil and bronze wool, they doen't even show in your pictures. I love those old 99s that show plenty of use, reblue is a last resort, and will diminish the value for us leave-it-the-way-it-was-curmudgeon-types

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    Wow. I never even noticed that patch before! Thanks.

    The rear barrel sight is different than I have seen it looks like a standard sight, about the same as my rear sight on my model 99 .308, but on the .250 it flips forward? Never had the chance to shoot it before because no place used to stock ammo for it when I was looking, almost ten years ago, but now a quick trip to Idaho and I'm ready to take it to the range friday with my new glock and pps.

    Thanks for you help.

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    Wow thats a nice one. I got one just like it. Fine rifles for sure. I would clean it up best I could without re-finishing anything. You can however get replacement stocks from boyds and just swap those out with the originals and put it back to original if you had to.

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