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Thread: Savage Model 74 .22

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    Savage Model 74 .22

    OK.. Im fixing up a Model 74 .22 single shot. I can fix it no problem... I'd just like to know what year these were made. S.N. is B2464XX.
    Thanks for the help.
    Shawn Dow

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    Shawn, I just joined this forum so sorry this is so long after you asked. Here is the answer that I think is accurate...the Model 74 was made from 1972 to 1974. If you read some references it is stated that the 74 was made from 1972 to 1989 but that is a mistake. The Model 74 is only listed in Gun Digest for, I think, two consecutive years in the early 1970s. There is a Savage Firearms reference written by a Bill West who lists the gun as being made for two years. This model is often mentioned with the Model 72 that was made from 1972 to 1989. The 72 was originally listed by Savage as being a deluxe version of the 74. The 72 has walnut wood, octagon barrel, case-hardened receiver. The 74 was always sold at a cheaper price because it had non-walnut wood, a round barrel, and a simple blued receiver. It is my opinion that the 74 is relatively hard to find and that the 72 is much, much more common. Enjoy your rifle and let us know how your "fix-up" went.

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    West was right, nothing at all in the 1975 catalog on the model 74.

    Shawn, your gun was made at the end of 1972.
    Savage- "never say never".


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