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    Bottom Metal

    I am trying to make the decision between CDI bottom metal and Accurate Mags product. At first I was going to go with CDI, but I have since heard that Accurate Mag's bottom metal is drop-in. Has anyone used both? I would love to hear some insight on them.

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    No one???

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    Accurate Mags does offer a drop-in unit designed to work with factor DBM stocks - in fact Savage uses it on a select few models (Model 10 FCP-SR and Model 111 Long Range Precision Hunter in .338 Lapua). However, their system will not work with the newer trigger guard bolt release mechanism.

    I've never used either so I can't help you any in that regard.
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    Thanks for the reply. I guess I will find a vendor that has both and ask for their opinion on them.

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    Ive got a accurate mag on order -should be here sat - mon
    reason i went with accurate over the others is inside mag length of 3.850
    it being a drop in is an added bonus
    let you know how it looks -fits next week

    it came in
    it must be packaged wrong - Rem action screw spacing - 7.770 - ish
    any way its going <----back
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    I also have Accurate mag on order. Short action. Itll be going into my LRP. Ill post a review when I get it.

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    Mine was not drop in. The trigger guard channel needed opening up, and they dont include bolts. The factory ones are too short. Still looking for a 1/4-28 bolt long enough.

    Its a very nice kit though. I would order again and ask for bolts, or maybe call Savage and see of theyll sell some.

    This was for an HS Precision that came on my 12LRP.

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    My son has the CDI and I have an Accurate Mag I purchased from a member here in our Model 11 260s. They are both in HS-Precision Pro stocks and his needed a slight filing on the stock to fit in nicely and the Accurate fell right into place in my stock. Personally I like the Accurate Mag version with the extended mag well, the AICS magazine fits snugly and the extended mag well gives me something to push up against when having to shoot out a window or over a limb and not contact the magazine such as you might find in a sniper/tactical type match.

    We're happy with both and other than the Accurate Mag version being two piece I think either one are both excellent pieces of equipment.


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