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Thread: 110 BA aftermarket stock options

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    110 BA aftermarket stock options

    Hello guys,
    Just joined from crispy Colorado...
    I own a 110 BA in 338 LM.
    I have been looking for options on an aftermarket adjustable stock.
    My ideal choice would be a Bell & Carlson Tactical Medalist,,
    but apparently it is not made for Savage Accustock actions...
    Any suggestion?

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    Re: 110 BA aftermarket stock options

    Welcome! and I am in love with that stock too. If I was going to spend that kind of jack on a stock, that is it.

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    Re: 110 BA aftermarket stock options

    Savage makes exactly 2 rifles with that action. With only 2 models featuring that action you are going to be extremely hard pressed to find an aftermarket stock for it that is drop in ready. You might be able to have one custom made but they might want to have the action shipped to them for inletting.
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    Re: 110 BA aftermarket stock options

    I know of one guy who has a 110 FCP that's in a Manners T4A. I would contact Manners.

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    Re: 110 BA aftermarket stock options

    You could contact SSS and see if Fred can build you a stock.
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    McMillin also.

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    i would check with two places. one is xlr industries and the other is mcree. google either. the 338 may not be listed but they can and will from what i understand make about anything. personally i find the xlr a little more pleasing

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    Isnt the 110ba the same action inlet as any savage long action

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    I was also under the same impression that it takes just a standard savage long action inlet.

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    Found another option

    A few months late to this thread but I ran across a stock today from Ashbury Precision Ordnance that specifically lists the 110BA... on the site they just list Savage 110, but in their PDF/Catalog they have Savage 110BA.
    Take a look at the Saber-Forsst "MOD1", looks interesting:

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    APO is selling the 110ba installed in there mod0 stock so they must make the stock to fit it. They also list a mod1 for a long action savage. I am not sure if the 110 long action is the same as the 110ba. I am not sure if mcCree is making one for that but I have one of there stocks for a Remington 700 and it is very nice. From my understanding the only nicer one would be the APO. Good luck with your search and post back what you end up with!

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    What they said - contact Manners. I can tell you, their customer service is GREAT! I purchased a Manners stock a while back and in bedding it somehow screwed something up. I called Manners and they said send it in and they would see what they could do. Well, they mic'd the entire stock and reciever, milled out what needed to be milled and fixed everyting. They were talking to me the entire way via numerous conversations. All at no charge to me and it was returned in a little over a weeks time! They are a great bunch of people, have a great stock and I couldn't be happier. Go with the Manners and you'll never look back.

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    Do you still have the origional 110 BA stock? If so, I might be interested...

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    This is from june of 2012 your best bet is a pm

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