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Thread: Sierra #2123 bullet load in .308

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    Sierra #2123 bullet load in .308

    Interested in loads for the .308 Win using the Sierra 135gr HPBT Matchking bullet. What powder has given the best groups, and resulting velocity and how far off the lands do you load the bullet. What are your average five shot groups sizes at 100yds? Thanks for your assistance.

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    Re: Sierra #2123 bullet load in .308

    Quite a mess of a first post there Bob...

    What powder? What does your gun like? Mine likes 748 with heavy bullets, but I don't shoot light bullets. Suggestions are always listed in reloading manuals.

    What velocity? That depends on YOUR barrel and several other factors, but all bullets in that weight class launch @ 3000 fps, this info also listed in reloading manuals.

    How far off the lands? With your previous questions are you sure you know how to measure your chamber? For 175 SMK's my FP likes 1/32" off. Since this bullet isn't in the Sierra manual, the manual you have been reading to get the previous answers should give some insight for a safe COAL. Or you can call Sierra.

    What are 100 yard groups? That is dependent upon:
    1) What YOUR gun is capable of doing, a 2 MOA gun is a 2 MOA gun; bullets-be-damned.
    2) How consistently you can load your ammo.
    3) How proficient a shooter you are.

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