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Thread: Pictures of my Almost Finished Mark II FV

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    Pictures of my Almost Finished Mark II FV

    Finally got my Savage Mark II FV almost complete, atleast enough that I took a couple pictures of it.
    1. Savage Mark II
    2. Mueller 8-32x44 Side Adjustment Focus Scope
    3. Off Brand BI Pod Like the one at Wal-Mart (Winchester)
    4. Boyds Varmint Thumbhole ROYAL JACARANDA LAMINATE Stock

    Love the looks, and now I can get the proper cheek weld on the scope also.

    By jstanfield at 2012-04-16

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    Re: Pictures of my Almost Finished Mark II FV

    Looks nice. I hope it shoots as well as it looks :D
    How do you like that bipod? I'd be interested in hearing the good/bad points about it.
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    Re: Pictures of my Almost Finished Mark II FV

    Have the same stock on back order for my FV.I have an BTV with that same scope on it and it is a shooter.And i an with you on the cheek weld.
    And you have a great looking Gun there.Ulus

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    Re: Pictures of my Almost Finished Mark II FV

    thomae, the BiPod is just fine no complaints with it at all.For $40.00 dollars it was well worth it. I cant imagine that it is that much different than a Harris but it's been so many years since I have used a Harris I don't remember the difference.
    Chep22, mine was on BO from Boyds and I still got it in less than a week and a half. I used the stock synthetic action screws, they work but one is a little short. I won't shoot it until I get the wood stock screws from SAVAGE. Should get them any day. I just used the magazine plate that came with the trigger guard. Seams just fine.
    Good luck on you'rs and we will need pictures when done.

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    Re: Pictures of my Almost Finished Mark II FV

    that looks good. I have that same scope on a .243 and really like it....good glass for the $$.

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