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Thread: Stock for bottom bolt release?

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    Stock for bottom bolt release?

    I have a 308win that I would like to change the barrel on. I called NSS today to check on availability of a barrel and stock. My 308 currently is the accu stock / trigger and would like to dump the 22 inch sporter to a 26'' .750. What stocks are out there that will accomodate the bottom bolt release action?

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    Re: Stock for bottom bolt release?

    Ive done it on a boyds varmint thumbhole before. U do have to inlet the trigger guard a little to get the clearance but it wasnt too big of a deal to accomplish.


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    Re: Stock for bottom bolt release?

    I may be limited to a wood stock, I was hoping that was not the case tho.

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    Re: Stock for bottom bolt release?

    most all of them just put that bottom triger gaurd on the new stock and it should work i have swap stocks around with one that had the bottom release with np problem, there is just a little spring in that trigger gaurd

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