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Thread: savage MKII 22lr

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    savage MKII 22lr

    Going to buy one shortly, probably from a well know member.

    What's your experience with putting a stainless match barrel on a Savage 22lr?

    The gun shoots 1/2 groups @ 100 yds with the Savage barrel. Should I expect a tighter group with a match barrel?

    Thanks in advance for your comments,


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    Re: savage MKII 22lr

    1/2" groups @ 100 yds? I'd like to see targets. If indeed it does shoot that good, don't do anything but shoot it.
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    Re: savage MKII 22lr



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    Re: savage MKII 22lr

    There is a lot of potential in the factory barrels. Here's what mine did recently with the stock heavy barrel, homespun trigger work and Eley Tenex:

    I have shot < .50 " CTC 5-shot groups at 50 yards with the following ammo:
    Eley Tenex
    CCI Standard Velocity
    Wolf Match Target.
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    Re: savage MKII 22lr

    If you are good enough to shoot the groups, I think a match barrel put on by a good smith should improve the groups, much depends on how good the barrel on your rifle is to begin with. Some are very good, some not as good.
    Make sure you get a quality barrel, not something like a Green Mt, get a Benchmark type etc.

    I for one would love to see the results and hope for the best for you. I have always thought the barrel was the major limiting factor in Savage 22 RF accuracy.
    Mine shoots consistant .2", in the .1"'s on a good day and one perfect group, all 5 shots at 50 yards, I believe I have an excellent barrel and also had my rifle accurized.

    Please let us know how it goes.

    John K

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