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Thread: Good deal on new left handed Savage 11F in .308

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    Good deal on new left handed Savage 11F in .308

    I just got an e-mail from my FFL about a 2 day sale on this Savage model from Jerry's Sports Center in Pennsylvania. This is the only sale model listed.

    Here is a clip from the e-mail...

    Savage 11F Hunter Left Hand 308Win Bolt Action Rifle

    Left Hand 308 Win, 22" Blued Barrel, Black Polymer Stock, Top Load Magazine, AccuTrigger
    As featured on Page 55 of our Winter Dealer Hunting Catalog

    #0126690 Mfg #17522 Regular $444.95
    $329.90 (This price is only available from 2/8 - 2/9)

    I'm not affiliated in any way, I just wanted to pass it along as sales on left handed rifles seem few and far between.

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    Re: Good deal on new left handed Savage 11F in .308

    Good call woodman. You lefties have enough problems getting left hand rifles. Hopefully some lefties will be able to take advantage of this sale.

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