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Thread: .223 barrel life?

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    .223 barrel life?

    What can I expect for barrel life out of my .223 Axis?
    Axis .223 with 4x12x40 Redfield Revolution
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    Re: .223 barrel life?

    My Prairie Dog hunting partner has a CZ 223 that has well over 25,000 rounds through it and it still shoot reasonably well. It won't outshoot my Savages though.

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    Re: .223 barrel life?

    Yeah, just doing a search- I've read from 1500 on up to 5000 and a couple places say more. Most places say only 1500 for .22-250.
    Axis .223 with 4x12x40 Redfield Revolution
    Stainless Axis .30-06 with 3.5x10x40 VX3 Leupold.

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    Re: .223 barrel life?

    The 22-250 is a whole nother thing. It burns so much more powder that the barrel heats up quite rapidly. Getting a barrel hot enough to brand cattle is a sure way to shorten its life.

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    Re: .223 barrel life?

    1 a day or all 5000 in one day. a lot of it is in how you treat it.,47151.0.html
    even though it is the same barrel, it will only last half as long as this on because you paid less for it LOL
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    Re: .223 barrel life?

    Thats like asking how many miles can you get out of a car. It all depends on the load, how you use it, how you clean it there are all sorts of things that determine what barrel life will be. I laugh at all the gun writers out there that claim 1000 rounds and your Swift will need a new barrel. I bought a Ruger 220 Swift 77V in 1978. I know that I have well over 10000 rounds through it. Last summer I started think maybe it was time for a new barrel, but first I loaded up some of my old standby rounds with match bullets. I shot 5 groups of 5 the largest group was just under 5/8" the smallest was right at 3/8", I dont think I need a new barrel. This has always been my go to rifle, it got used alot. I did the same test with my old 340 Savage 222, I have no idea how many rounds it has had through it but I know I have shot the heck out of it. My grandfather owned it long before I did, but the gun still shoots great.

    There is no reason that if you take care of the bore, dont let it over heat, clean it, dont use a lot of abrasive cleaners, you should be able to get many thousands of rounds out of a 223 barrel.


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    Re: .223 barrel life?

    I shoot many, many thousands of rounds into p-dogs with just 1 Savage rig.
    I just measured my .223 bbl tonite and after 6734 documented rounds I have .49" throat erosion as of today. The rifling beyond that looks new still via my borescope. It also shoots sub moa to this date.
    COL was 2.400" new, its at 2.489" now.
    My only load I shoot is a moly coated 50g vmax at 3300fps, handloaded of course.

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